The Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

Trap and Kill Mosquito anywhere anytime. 100% PHYSICAL Control .

Simple Working Mechanism

Easy to Use


All you need is a Power Source compatible with USB Cables. Also comes with a charger to plug into the wall.

Easy to Clean

Turn the storage anticlockwise to open. Clean it with water & Wipe with dry cloth after cleaning.

Dual Purpose


The LED Light can be used for dim room lighting

For Quality/perfect/effective perfomance,get one per  room for all rooms in an entire HOUSE, ESPECIALLY BED ROOMS.

Designed to cover large area for optimum protection

Available in Colors White and Black

Select your Preferred color as you place your order below

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Normal Price: sh. 2,999/-

Our Offer Price:
Sh. 1,999/-

How we deliver:


Home Delivery

You’ll get a home delivery if you’re within Nairobi and Kiambu County. We will contact you to arrange for delivery, and pay Cash or M-Pesa on Delivery.
Delivery is from sh.200.

Outside Nairobi and its metropolis,we deliver as a parcel via G4s at a parcel fee of 350/= where the total amount is strictly payable upon DELIVERY.

For further Queries,kindly contact us on 0729172376.

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