Mosquito Insect Killer

It’s a plug-and-use. The electric insect killer has led light that attracts the mosquito, flies, or any other flying insect and sucks them inside to die.

This Trap will fulfill your desire.

Smart trapping system

This trap is equipped with an LED lamp and fan. the fan’s airflow pulls them in the trap from where they can’t escape anyway.

Child & pet protection

This LED lamp doesn’t produce sound and is free from sprays and chemicals. It ensures your little one’s health and deep sleep.

Simple to clean

The trapped mosquitoes and flies are stored up in the bottom part of this lamp. Detach this part and throw away the trash in the dustbin.

USB interface

This lamp feature a USB system. To turn on this trap, its wire can be attached to a mobile phone

Wide application

This smart mosquito killer trap also traps vermin, flies, and wasps, keeping your environment free of insects.


A new generation of enhanced trapping capability, covering a variety of different types of mosquitoes.


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